Sand Life is excited to announce our Summer Clinics and AVP tournaments for 2022! Click the below link to find out more!




We are always looking for experienced beach and indoor coaches to provide our exceptional athletes the best training. Click below and email us today to find out how you can join our Coaching Team. 


Sand Life Volleyball offers a multitude of training programs. From Year-Round, Fall Ball, Summer Sessions, and private training.  


Sand Life Volleyball hosts year-round events from in-house clinics, AVP Juniors, SSOVA tournaments, and more. 


From nationally recognized coaches and outstanding facilities to exceptional players and competitive spirit, Sand Life Volleyball provides the best sand training and competition in the region.


Sand Life provides training throughout the week/year, including physical stamina, skills, competition, and more. 


 Sand Life maintains nine courts that are exceptionally groomed and ready for year-round competition.


Sand Life provides training opportunities from private classes, to Fall Ball, to Year Round Training. 

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Unfortunately we have to cancel Saturday’s tournament due to the low number of entries. Sorry for the inconvenience! New summer tournament dates will be posted soon!

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Summer Session 2 (5 weeks) starts next week! Head to the website for more details and to signup!

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Junior’s, last week for Summer Session 1 and we need to pay attention to the “feels like” temperature this week! Plan accordingly with your water!

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Practice is cancelled today due to weather and court conditions, sorry for the inconvenience! ...

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And our clinic is under way!

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Clinic w/ play tomorrow! Still time to signup! Junior’s Tournament next Saturday, 5/21! Head over to the website for more details and to signup!

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We had a great turnout for boy’s juniors tonight! 2 courts running KOB training games!

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📸 @restingcoachface

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Junior’s general skills clinic next Saturday 5/14 from 10am - 4pm. 2 hour clinic and 3 hours of play with a “bring your own lunch” hour in between! Head over to our website for more information and to sign up!

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Don’t feel deflated! There is still time to signup for Summer Session 1! Head over to our website and get the details! #avpjuniors
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Summer Session 1 starts in just 4 days! Be sure to go to our website to get more details! #avpjuniors
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Summer Session 1 of 3 starts next week! Head to the website for more details and to sign up! #avpjuniors
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Mia and Kennedy won AAA on Saturday and 16 open on Sunday at SSOVA last weekend. Come join them at Sand life this Sunday august 15th for an avp tournament and try to get a bid for the Clearwater ECC. ...

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Awesome experience with FEVA U12. Took 1st in crystal!! Go girls! ...

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Kailey kleinatland and Rylee Johnson won 1st in USAV BNQ 16u. What an amazing team!!! ...

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Mia and Kennedy playing 18u at USAV BNQ in Tavares. ...

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Emma Crakow and Kayley Kugler at the USAV BNQ in Tavares with Mia Saavedra Kennedy Coakley Kailey kleinatland and Rylee Johnson. ...

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Getting more sand at Sand Life isn’t just good for the courts, but all the players (big and small) enjoy the piles too. ...

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It was a beautiful day at the beach for Mother’s Day! Brian Rumsey (2023) and Jonah Stough (2023) took 1st place in U16 for SSOVA at Pier 60.

Congratulations guys!!!

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Kate Marshall and Gracie McClain took 1st place in 16u!!! Thank you for making Sand life proud! ...

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Zoye Caroline (2024) and Kailey Kleinatland (2023) got the bronze🥉 (and some cool swag) playing in U16’s at Sand Life’s qualifier this past weekend! ...

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Brian Rumsey and Nate Carter won 1st place in Men’s A at Sand Life. Moving up to AA!!!! ...

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“The Sibs” Emma Crakow (2023) and Jacob Crakow (2021) take 2nd in AA co-Ed at BeachBums! What an amazing duo! Go Sand Life!! ...

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Not only is Ryla an amazing beach and indoor player she is the best rodeo rider in the state of Florida. You are amazing girl!!! ...

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Sand life has some little ones up and coming with Mya and Emma leading the way!! ...

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Sand life 12u winners!!! ...

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12U battled in 14u division and then played it out in the finals of 12u
1st place Emma Saavedra and Mya Lindsey won in 3 with a super close second place of Molly Monday and Lola Mogridge. 9, 10, 11 year old girls playing fantastic beach volleyball!!!

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16u finalist at the AVP 2 star tournament at Sand life!!
1st place Erin Miller and Sam Crosby
2nd place Katia Freytes Soto and Miabella Musignac from Puerto Rico
3rd place Kayley Kleinatland and zoye Caroline from Sand life
Kayley Kugler and Jennifer Rayburn
Way to fight it out in playoffs!!

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14U winners at Sand life!!
1st Kirra Lindsey and Kiera Folsom from Sand Life
2nd Léxica Joyal and Faith Allen from Bradenton
3rd Reilly Sheridan and Jordan Holloway from Sand Life
3rd Ashlee Tenkley and Gabby Dwyer from fort Myers
Amazing day girls!

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Big shout out to Kirra Lindsey and Keira Flosom for taking 1st place in 14 open and winning a national bid. Awesome job ladies. ...

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Funny bloopers with Mia and Lily in a hilarious collision. They managed to win that match at the snd. ...

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